What I Did Today 07/20/15

  • On July 20, 2015 ·
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Morning was spent researching and collecting info. I still need to properly go through it and map out what I want to do based on everything┬ábut at least it’s gathered now. I want to regularly assess my goals and progress towards them so it’s worth it to take the time to think clearly. I try to save that time for weekends but sometimes I just need the sobering calm of a Monday.

I got two pages shaded this afternoon musing a sharp edge and some gradients. It’ll probably be the approach I’ll take going forward, save a few effects here and there. Flatting should go smoothly, just turn on some music and a podcast to keep me company. I’m not sure if I’ll try shading and flatting in the same day or divvy time up and work on another project. It depends on how out of it I’m starting to feel. Two pages at a time is a nice pace because they’re different enough from each other to keep it from feeling monotonous yet it’s not so many it feels overwhelming.