What I Did Today 07/10/15

  • On July 10, 2015 ·
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I got up at 5 this morning planning to work half the day in Harmony and half in Manga Studio.

I say “planning” because as I was finishing breakfast I got a sinus headache which got worse even after taking something for it. I couldn’t concentrate with the ache and the nausea got to the point where I gave up and went back to bed. I’m guessing I’ve got some sort of infection so I’ve been taking what I can to fight it.

This evening I finished a pass at shading for two pages. Some of the panels look good but I’m going to keep working some of them. Then I’ll fiddle with the blending and color so each page works as a whole. I think it’s important in my process right now to not sign off on something just because I finished it that day. If something looks bland the next day when I come back to it, imagine how it’ll look in the archives.

I really want to get back into Harmony, see what’s new in 12.1, and get back into the habit of working with it regularly. I think splitting my work time between comics and animation will help keep me from feeling too burnt out.