What I Did Today 06/18/15

  • On June 18, 2015 ·
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Finished that page of inks today. Still need to fill all the spot blacks on this batch but it’s something I can do while unwinding much like flat fill coloring. I’m trying to decide for backgrounds if I prefer the clean look of the line tool or the hand drawn one of the brush. Line tools and such can look cold and mechanical though sometimes you want that precision. The more I work on this comic the more I’m going to do things by hand with the slight imperfections (and sometimes fairly obvious ones) that add a personal touch to it. As an artist you kind of lose track of the over all impact when you’re zoomed in at 300% and making marks. It’s always good to come back to something after you make it and give it an honest eye. Sometimes there’s stuff you appreciate more after the fact, things you realize. I’ve redesigned characters to bring back an original feeling the earlier drawings evoked. Lately I’ve been keeping character drawings up so I’m reminded what they look like. It’s amazing the minor variations you can give to drawing the same thing that changes how it reads. Drawings and characters always evolve. I think it’s also the cartoonist’s nature to simplify. To make things more iconic and memorable.