What I Did Today 06/01/15

  • On June 1, 2015 ·
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Weekends lately have a habit of getting away from me. Sometimes the house is quiet so I can get up like any weekday and work. Other times things get busy and I get pulled in different directions. When you stay up late getting up early on Monday isn’t so easy. :/ I’d been planning to launch my next webcomic in June but the more I thought about it the more I realized it would be better to spend time building a buffer. Letting my brain escape from “must finish this or die” mode was good, though I did go a bit off the rails. I spent today working on two pages but decided to try them again tomorrow because the drawings were coming out subpar. Very likely a result of not being used to drawing the characters yet. Perhaps working on another model sheet and keeping it up while drawing pages will help.

In other news I finally bought Cities: Skylines after debating it for awhile. I haven’t played a city sim since probably Sim City on the NES. I’ve heard good things and watched plenty of Let’s Plays. I was really hoping I could just spend some time strolling through the city but even on the lowest speed things get a bit hectic and you’re losing the game if you’re not floating above managing everything. I may try some speed mods to vary the gameplay up a bit.