What I Did Today 05/28/15

  • On May 28, 2015 ·
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Finished inks on three pages. Worked on the fourth until my hand cramped and decided to call it a day. I really like how things are looking so far, just not crazy about how long each page is taking. Then again, nobody¬†ever says, “Nah, we’re way too ahead of schedule.” They’ll take as long as they take. I just have to agree to sit my butt in the chair until it’s over.

Sometimes I feel the stuff I post is too Inner Game of Tennis. Some folks probably respond with, “Quit whining and just do the work!” I can understand that. Except when an artist grits their teeth it comes through in the work. I want every bit of what I make to look like I care a lot about it and that it was a joy to produce. So I think about how I wear the manager’s hat while dealing with the artist’s hat. It’s easy to talk about technique and process, to discuss software and whatnot, but the best way to do a thing is to do a thing. If you’re not focused on doing the thing and enjoying it you find distractions to focus on. The distractions can feel productive because they’re about productivity, in the neighborhood of being productive, but not really. So in the end it comes to butts in seats doing a thing until the thing is finished.