What I Did Today 05/14/15

  • On May 14, 2015 ·
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Today I planned for an art day after spending 2 days working on fonts. I was thinking about the layout for my next webcomic. I’d been moving towards a horizontal design but I realized vertical works better for the format. The templates I’d made so far looked bunched up especially when I resized them for the web. I spent most of the day working out the max and min sizes and from there extrapolated a working print size to draw in. (Of course I’ll probably end up resizing things should I print them later but it’s good to just have a working standard for now.)

The evening’s been busy. Got a haircut, grabbed Taco Bell, bought groceries, and worked on travel plans. I’d like to spend tomorrow actually doing some drawing and inking. I think I’ll sit down with the new drawing size and see how I like working in it. It feels more spacious so I’ll have more room for the words. I just need to make sure I use the space well. Have to resist the urge to stretch panels out instead of drawing anything new. I may end up cropping it down if it feels too big.