What I Did Today 05/12/15

  • On May 12, 2015 ·
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Today I worked on building a new font out of my handwriting. I’d previously downloaded a template from MyScriptFont.com to practice sizing and consistency. I’ve been drawing vector letters in Manga Studio using a lettering nib from Ray Frenden’s brush set. I decided to try FontCreator again as I’d used it in the past. It’s Windows-only but I got it running in CrossOver. Also been considering FontLab Studio since they have a Mac version but figured I’d see how useful my previous experience is.

Thus far I’ve imported both upper and lower case glyphs. I’ve saved files for other characters but haven’t added them yet. Once I’ve got them all in and sized relatively the same I can fiddle with spacing, kerning, ligatures, and other fancy font terms. I’ll probably make a few variations as I refine things. It’s a little weird making a font because I’m trying to draw ideal versions of what letters look like when I write them. It’s more noticeable on the lower case, which for dialogue shouldn’t matter much since caps read better, but I want to make the font full for multiple uses. I’m just having flashbacks of grammar school writing rows of letters.