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I’ve been reading/making webcomics since 2002. Over those years I’ve seen a lot of webcomic sites/communities come and go. Some I’ve dived into. Others I’ve signed up for but barely done more than peeped in on. I’d really like to encourage comments with this post as I’m not only looking to share the places I already visit with readers but also always on the lookout for something good to get in on. If you have any links you’d like to share, comment away

Community Sites

These are the sites that exist to talk comics and other creative projects

ComicSpace – Basically “Myspace for comics”. Apparently it’s a very popular site but I never really spent much time on it. I know you can friend/comment on peoples’ profiles and post/sell examples of your work

Comixtalk – Formerly Comixpedia (they changed the name to prevent confusion with the webcomics wikipedia Comixpedia) – news, reviews, and commentary on the scene

Fleen – More webcomics news

Daily Cartoonist – News from the world of print and webcomics with the occasional flame war thrown in

Webcomic Planet

Digital Strips – Podcast/news site on the world of webcomics

Webcomicbeacon – Podcast/news site on the world of webcomics

Webcomics.com – Webcomic advice/news site from the guys at Halfpixel, hosts of the Webcomics Weekly podcast. Site recently moved to $30 a year subscription model though there is still some free content available

Websnark – Popular blog with some webcomics commentary thrown in

We Make Webcomics – Webcartoonists talk shop

Top Lists

Sites that list webcomics

Top Webcomics

The Webcomics List

Comic Forums

Bulletin boards for creators based around other sites

Comic Genesis

Drunk Duck

Blank Label Comics

Talk About Comics

Comic Dish

The Webcomics List


We Make Webcomics

Pencil Jack

Drawing Board

Concept Art

Other Community Sites

Here’s a handful of other sites you can use to talk with other creators/fans of webcomics

Facebook – There plenty of webcomic groups/fan pages out there. Some people use their Facebook pages only for family and friends, some use it only for comic stuff, and some use it for both

Myspace – Some creators have a profile for themselves or their comics. Some even makes profiles dedicated to their characters

Twitter – I use Twitter a lot because it lets people post quick interesting/useful links and carry on little conversations. There’s lists of webcartoonists to follow and to be followed on. It’s currently my social network of choice