Status of the Blog 3-24-11

  • On March 24, 2011 ·
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It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these. I’d probably try to record it as a podcast but I’ll get to why I’m not doing that later. First thing’s first – Hi. How’s it goin’? Things have been busy. I’ll try to break it down.


I’m working on chapter 1.1 of 2071. I had hoped to bring it back early in March but the advertising campaign I was planning for it on that date fell through. I decided it’s better to try to make the best pages I can instead of trying to stick to some arbitrary deadline. That said I really want this comic to go live again as soon as possible.


If you’ve been following me on twitter you’ve most likely seen my highs and lows of working on the site. Google marked it as serving up malware because I had an iframe injection issue. I decided to rebuild the network entirely so I could clean up directories, make things work a little smoother, and safeguard against future problems. Though my hand was somewhat forced I’m glad I did it and all my sites should be running better now, save a few finagling details.

Minor Issues

You’ll see the occasional weird text character pop up in archived posts. This is because WordPress’s post importer, though improved from the time I split the sites up originally, is still imperfect. It’s just gonna happen with archived posts whenever they get imported. I’ll try to clean them up when and where I can.

The cellphone photo gallery isn’t displaying in the sidebar anymore because all the widgets I used for it aren’t compatible with Woo Themes’ Tumblog plugin. Posts made with that plugin don’t act like other posts which makes converting them a pain. And so far it’s the best solution for simple content posting. I figure I’ll find something that’ll work eventually. For now they’ll just run on the site like regular posts.


The mic on my headset died. I have other mics but they’re not as easy to use (long cables requiring adapters, requires batteries, yadda yadda) and doing episodes quickly/regularly relies on simplicity. I’m picking another one up soon.

I finally submitted the podcast to the iTunes directory. This should make it easier for people to find and share. Just subscribe in iTunes or whatever podcast catcher you prefer and you’ll get the latest episodes when they come out. I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up with online content as well as I do now (which is still pretty poorly :/ ) without feeds.

Retro Gaming

I’ve always been a super casual gamer but I do like to tinker with stuff. I’ve gotten into watching Let’s Plays and other old school game reviews online and it’s made me want to check out games I’ve missed. I’ve been playing around with stuff in Boxer which takes DOSBox and flavors it for OS X.

My first computer was a Performa that ran System 7 so finding ways to run that old OS and the programs I still have for it is a nice nostalgia trip. Still sorting out the best setup for that though I’ve found several good solutions.


Still love this game. I’ve been building on a survival multiplayer server most of the time. I also have my single player game blinged out with all sorts of mods to keep it lively. There’s just all kinds of different gameplay possible with it. I’d like to do a video tour of my SP game though I might just make that another Crafting Mines episode. We’ll see.

That’s some of the stuff I’ve been up to, excluding family/friends and a few things I’d like to do some dedicated blogs about. I definitely want to go into detail about the system I’ve been using to get organized and some new stuff I have here in the studio. Basically the plan these days is to work in the studio early on comics and then do other stuff to unwind. I’ll post more about it as more stuff gets done.