Status of the Blog 12-10-2010: End of the Year Wrap-up

  • On December 10, 2010 ·
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It’s been a relatively busy couple of months though it’s also been a little quiet on this home page. I think it’s time to post about all that’s been going on and where we’re headed in 2011.


I spent this month researching camera stuff intending to shoot a short film. The film didn’t pan out though I’m in a better situation for video production in the future. I’ll probably return to the project next year when the Halloween bug bites me again. I know where I stand as far as video quality, lighting, and things I need to improve next time around like getting a bigger location to shoot and some better compositing software.


My brother got married in Jamaica. (A reason I decided to update my camera setup in the first place.) Having to straighten out passports/flights/reservations for my dad and myself has really restored my confidence in my own ability to travel as well as to plan things. When you sit at home working on stuff by yourself you start to wonder how all together you really are. When I decide to attend conventions again I know I can manage myself fine. This is also when I started to delve into learning more about 3D software, something I’ll return to more as the projects I work on make use of it.


This month has all been behind the computer for me. I intend to run a real network of sites and that’s meant cleaning things up. I’ve moved everything over to WordPress Multisite and I’ve been working on easily setting up new sub sites down the road. There’s still things to do of course but for now I’m comfortable with where things are. I’ve got placeholders and templates in place for when I roll stuff out. Now I can begin to focus on the content again and making things to plug into that system. I also made a site for my buddy Gerry’s bad movie night, Bad Movies About Raptors. 🙂


Here’s where we stand as we look towards the coming year. I’m cautiously optimistic and trying to be realistic. Last New Year’s I was angry and seeking drastic change. This time around I want to do a lot of little things. I want to set goals I can actually accomplish. I’m still the same anxious person dealing with the day to day but I’m feeling better about managing it.


I’ve been returning to podcasts lately with an intent to do more. The No-Rights Podcast will probably be in two formats – more “live” shows where I bring in friends to chat and more “solo” shows where it’ll just be me going over the latest goings-on. I’d also like to do some more Crafting Mines: A Minecraft Adventure here and there. I don’t want those to get old as I had a lot of fun with the first one even though it was a bit of a strain to produce.

No-Rights TV

At the moment NRTV is going to be a blogging tool like podcasting. I’ll do the occasional chat in front of the camera and film any cons I go to or chat with friends who come by. I’d really like to do some animations for it at some point but first I need to get a regular production schedule for my cartooning in general before I devote the time to a bigger project even if it’s only a few seconds or minutes long.

Weird Cellphone Pics

Earlier this year I started a photoblog on my tumblr of weird things I took pics of with my cellphone. I was taking these pics anyway for my own amusement so I decided to share them. (I had a tumblr account that was going to waste anyway, might as well put it to use.) Turns out tumblr’s been going through some growing pains and experiencing lots of downtime. The last straw for me was losing posts randomly. I’ve since moved the archives that were there to the sidebar on this site. My cellphone’s camera also started giving me trouble after my recent trip to Jamaica so I’ve got a new phone and I’m looking to take some new shots with it. I tend to update it on Tuesdays if I have anything interesting so keep watching that. Of course any posts on the site get added to my twitter feed.


2071 will return in the new year though I can’t give the specific date yet. I’d like to launch some new comics, serials and one-shots, as well as maybe re-visit my older stuff. Basically I just want to work on a crapload of comics in the new year. I’m thinking I’ll devote a week to working on something at a time so I can decide if something’s working or not. That should keep me from feeling stuck in a rut while at the same time feeling like I’m making progress. Updates, when they’re announced, should be regular, though I’m considering things like seasons as opposed to more rigid scheduling.

Audiobooks/Digital Downloads/Ebooks

This is something new I want to get into. I like conventions but I so rarely make it out to any. Physical books are great but they’re also pricey to make and require storage space. Since this is the web and all I’m going to try focusing more on digital products. I’ve had the store site for awhile and it’s been empty some time now. As I make content for the site I’ll try my hand at making content specifically for there as well.


And now I’d like to talk about some stuff which has probably nothing to do with the site but it’s my blog and I’ll talk about what I want :-p


I’m a super casual gamer but I’ve been playing plenty of Minecraft these days. It’s such a versatile game. You can just build, fight monsters in survival mode, or join some of the various multiplayer servers springing up. I like how flexible it is.

I bought Epic Mickey last night. It looks like a cute game with an interesting world though right now I’m lost. Basically I’ve completed the stage and I’m staring at a wall trying to figure out how you finish the level. I’m sure I’ll come back to it.

I also got in on the pre-order for the new Back to the Future game that’s coming out. So far there’s the behind the scenes stuff and the trailer up. I think as long as we can distance ourselves from the original trilogy and just experience it this game is going to be fun.