Status of the Blog 11/30/15

  • On November 30, 2015 ·
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There’s no podcast today because Ian and I took the weekend off after Thanksgiving to spend with our families. I would, however, like to give everybody an update on how I’m doing and, by extension, how the site’s doing.

I’ve been on anxiety meds around 4 months now. It’s helped considerably though I’m still sorting some things out. Next time I go back to my doctor I’m going to ask him about seeing a therapist. The constant background hum of anxiety has quieted, for the most part. I’m able to concentrate and if I want to stop thinking about something I usually can now. I’m still working on getting a proper sleep every night. If I go to bed early I can wake up before midnight. If I stay up too late and try to get up at 5 I’ll feel exhausted, agitated, and the anxiety comes back. I took a bit of a break recently where I focused on getting more rest because I felt like I wasn’t getting enough time alone to recharge.

That brings me to something else I’m working on – dealing with other people. I’m an introvert. I like my quiet time where I’m able to clear my head. I’m trying to be better about being sociable. I have trouble telling people I need time to myself without feeling like a recluse. I also have a problem of feeling like an anxiety funnel. I love my family but they all have similar issues like mine they shrug off and let build up in the wrong places.

I noticed the other day it’d been a year since I said I was going to bring back the Daily Doodles after the holidays. I don’t post enough of my art online. I don’t draw enough in general. I’d planned to spend some time drawing ahead and post pieces from the pile daily. If running webcomics has taught me anything it’s that publishing daily or just regular content can be a hard habit to keep up. Back then I’d hit the exhaustion issue, feeling like I was working too hard just to get a doodle finished every day and the “real” work was getting pushed to the side. I miss the exercise.

So I’m officially announcing Daily Doodles are coming back to the site. I’m not exactly sure how the practice is going to go this time around but I’m looking forward to it.