The NoRights Podcast: S6E2 – Artist Websites

  • On January 15, 2020 ·
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This week Ben tells us about a recent mentorship chat with Stephen Silver, moving this blog site from a self-install of WordPress to managed DreamPress, and reminisces about the wild wild west that was the Internet of yesteryear. When Flash cartoons reigned on places like Newgrounds, Homestar Runner, and Joe Cartoon. Things were interesting and things were broken back then. For more check out Why the ‘Weird Internet’ of the GeoCities Era Had to Die. He laments the current state of the web which is dominated by aggregators instead of platforms, places that limit a creator’s reach to their audience unless they’re willing to pay, and continue to let false information fly under the guise of free speech.

All this leads to Ben describing his plans for a site that brings back the fun of the more experimental ‘net with modern tools of today.