The NoRights Podcast: S4E46 – Hats

  • On November 23, 2015 ·
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This week Ian and Ben are joined by Frank to discuss thoughts on marketing/SEO hats. But first Ian brings us today’s headlines.

For-Profit College System Expected to Pay Millions.

Why Most Internships Are Actually Illegal.

Last call sounds for Adobe Revel cloud service.

Ford creates a drugged-driving suit to show why you shouldn’t toke behind the wheel.

Free Amazon scriptwriting app lets scribes pitch directly to Amazon Studios.

Following a discussion with Ian over older people being open to new things, Ben gives us his headlines.

Meet Shirley Curry, A 79-Year-Old YouTube Gamer.

Edgar Wright to direct shadow film for Dreamworks Animation.

Drawing Tablets Head-to-Head: iPad Pro/Pencil vs. Surface Pro vs. Wacom Cintiq Companion.

Sergio Pablos Project ‘Klaus’ Is Moving Forward with Toon Boom as Tech Partner.

Adult Swim Gives ‘Dream Corp’ Greenlight.

‘Family Guy’ Creator Seth Macfarlane Receives WGAW Lifetime Achievement Award.

Moving on to the main topic this episode, Ben asks about hats. Specifically, what kind of promotion and advertising is above board and what isn’t? This takes it’s definition from hacker types, (Hacker Hat Colors Explained: Black Hats, White Hats, and Gray Hats) but it’s common in the world of online marketing and SEO. See: SEO 101: Meet the White Hats, Gray Hats, Black Hats & Asshats.

Finally, all three hunker down for some early computer trivia. Who will emerge victorious this week? Tune in to find out!

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