The NoRights Podcast: S4E23 – MediaElch

  • On June 15, 2015 ·
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This week Ian and Ben are joined by friend of the show Nate. Ian starts us off by sharing his headlines.

HP is trying to turn its Sprout PC into a 3D modeling playground. Pizza Hut’s Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Invades The U.S. This Month. MAJOR BREAKING NEWS | Bring Back Crystal Pepsi.

FCC questions PayPal’s new robocalling clause. Let’s hope no future Bond villain gets ahold of this laser shotgun.

Then Ben follows up with several news stories of his own.

Russian man to undergo world’s first full head transplant. [UPDATED] Mended and Defended: The ReBoot Reboot Is Greenlit for 26 New Episodes. CGI Pioneer ‘ReBoot’ Reboots With ‘The Guardian Code’. ‘Powerpuff Girl’ Actress On Being Shut Out of Reboot: “A Stab in the Heart”.

The main topic this week is a piece of software Ben recently discovered, MediaElch. It’s a media manager that lets you edit and scrape your content more thoroughly for media centers like Kodi. Check out the Kodi wiki entry for it here. XBMC HOW TO: Prepare Movies with MediaElch.

Finally, all three hunker down for a round of urban legend trivia. Who will emerge victorious this week? Tune in to find out!

Don’t forget you can check out the video version of this podcast here.