The NoRights Podcast: S4E17 – Little of Everything

  • On May 4, 2015 ·
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This week Ian and Ben are joined by friend of the show Nate and Ben’s bro Frank. Nate and Ian share their thoughts on the new Avengers: Age if Ultron movie.


But first Ian brings us this week’s headlines.

New Dragon Ball Series! Apple Watch has tattoo trouble, Apple confirms. Why Spotify should ditch its free music option. Researchers Create The Ultimate Smartphone Ultra Zoom To See And Measure Strands Of DNA. Yooka-Laylee – A 3D Platformer Rare-vival!

Ben also drops Ian a link for First Look at the New Astro Boy Reboot.

This week’s episode has some interesting discussion on Amazon vs eBay, sub vs dub, and who pays creators when people are used to getting their content for free. Are all the different methods of consuming content just trying to get their own piece of the pie or is it healthy competition to prevent monopolies? Little bit of everything this episode.

Finally all four hunker down for a round of toy trivia. Who will emerge victorious this week? Tune in to find out!

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