NoRights Podcast: S3E8 – Talking the Electromagnetic Spectrum Live!

  • On March 18, 2014 ·
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This week Ben tells us about his progress on making a game for Stencyl Jam #14. He also tells us about a documentary he helped fund, Stripped.

Then the conversation turns to discuss the troubled history behind the movie Kingdom of the Sun that became The Emperor’s New Groove and the documentary about it, The Sweatbox.

Ian catches us up on his progress with his panoramas before tell us about the science of colors.

Electromagnetic Spectrum


Electro Magnetic Spectrum and Light

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Ultra Violet and Infra Red

New Database Shows the World Through Ultraviolet

Color Temperature

How the Insects See Things Around Them

See the World Through the Eyes of a Cat

Hue – Personal Wireless Lighting

Full Spectrum Bulbs


Image Sensor

Spectral Response

Full Spectrum Photography


Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography

Near IR Photography

Daguerreotype View of Cincinnati

The Lion King 3D: in-depth with Disney

And to round out the discussion, there’s the announcement that Keurig coffee makers are looking to add DRM to deal with generic K-Cups.