NoRights Podcast: S3E5 – Talking Character Rigging Live!

  • On February 25, 2014 ·
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This week Ben tells us about a lovely French film he watched on Netflix, The Painting.

Ian tells us about learning to use Virtual Audio Cable. The two of them share their different views of fundraising online when talking about David Di Franco’s Mac Pro Campaign on Indiegogo. This leads to many tangents including the topic of the famous American melting pot, whether someone can really be self made or if everybody in some way gets assistance or help from their situation, (Ben brings up Ryan Estrada’s Learn Korean in 15 Minutesthe movie Chaplin,

and Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers: The Story of Success) and the interesting story of Flappy Bird. Plus there’s the excitement of Stencyl Jam #14 hosted by Newgrounds. All that is followed up by a discussion on character rigging.

Skeletal Animation
What is Rigging?

Types of Rigs

Open Rig – None of the parts are connected to each other
Hierarchical Rig – All the parts of a rig are linked together in parent-child hierarchies so moving one forces the others to move
Mixed Rig – A combination of open elements and hierarchies

3D Rigs and Software



Blender Guru

Blender Tutorial: Basics of Character Rigging

Google SketchUp

SketchUp Rigging Hack

2D Rigs and Software


Draw with Jazza – How to make a flash cartoon!

Draw with Jazza – Bone Tool Animation (Adobe Flash Tutorial)

Draw with Jazza – How to Animate Mouths (Lip Syncing) – Flash Tutorial

Toon Boom
Toon Boom Video Tutorials

Toon Boom Tips

Types of Movement

Forward Kinematics (FK) – Any given joint can only affect parts of the skeleton that fall below it on the joint hierarchy
Inverse Kinematics (IK) – The reverse process from forward kinematics and is often used an efficient solution for rigging a character’s arms and legs

Types of Tweeining

Classic Tween
Shape Tween
Motion Tween

Flash Tip: Motion Tweening Expanded: Easing

What’s The Difference Between Shape, Motion, and Classic Tweens?