NoRights Podcast: S3E22 – Talking Electricity Live!

  • On June 24, 2014 ·
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This week Ben tells us about rigging characters while Ian talks to us about soldering. But first, the news!

Jonathan Fleming, Wrongly Imprisoned for 25 Years, Sues for $162M. You’ll Be Able To Text Your Friend A Smell In A Few Days. Starbucks will pay tuition for many employees to finish college. Bipartisan Wi-Fi bill in Senate could up speeds, ease congestion. Pirate Radio, YouTubers And Video Games. A New York museum’s interactive exhibit lets you redesign art pieces.

Ben shares a DeLorean limousine that’s been making the rounds on social media and a helpful video on dealing with YouTube’s content ID system.

Ian tells everybody What are amps, watts, volts and ohms? and What is the difference between joules and newtons? He also brings us some DIY tutorials for building an IRmitter for use with PhotoIRmote.

Finally the boys finish with some comic book trivia. Who will be victorious this time? Tune in to find out!