NoRights Podcast: S2E35 – Gaming on the Mac: Part 5 – Joystick and Controller Support

  • On September 16, 2013 ·
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On the final installment of our series on Mac gaming, we take a look at gamepad support on OS X.

I went with a Playstation 3 controller for a number of reasons

  1. PS3 controllers pair via bluetooth and the driver is already on OS X. The pairing process is a little confusing but there are guides and videos online to make it easier
  2. I’ve owned a PS2 so I’m used to the basic controller design
  3. I’ve never owned an XBox and find the controllers are somewhat bulkier, more expensive, require downloading a driver, and to play wirelessly requires buying an adapter. That said, systems like Steam and many games tend to support XBox 360 controllers as a standard

Connecting a PS3 Controller

Connecting an XBox 360 Controller

XBox 360 Driver

Wireless Adapter


Controller Keybinding Apps

Gamepad Companion

Most articles I read on connecting controllers recommended this app

Joypad Mapper

I went with this one because it was cheaper and had better reviews in the app store