NoRights Podcast: S2E3 – The Social Medias

  • On February 4, 2013 ·
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This week on the podcast I discuss social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook. I recommend the iOS apps Everypost, Flipboard, and Lost Friends (I say this app is free on the podcast but apparently it’s $1.99 now. That’s the life cycle of apps. There are probably similar free apps available if you’re looking for the same functionality.) while I lament over ImgTumble. Finally I discuss the web apps Tweeter Karma for managing your Twitter followers and IFTT for automating the tools you use on the web, respectively.

Tangentially-related video:

Ever wonder why milk goes whole, half, 2%, 1%?

And since this episode was light on the blog post, enjoy this live stream with kittens 😀