NoRights Podcast: S2E1 – Happy 2013

  • On January 21, 2013 ·
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It’s a new year and a new season of the NoRights Podcast. I’m hoping to have a regular co-host in the near future. For now I play catchup, sharing some of the things I’ve been working on, thoughts and fears, and of course ramble a bit about Minecraft.

Topics include Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr – I didn’t get to mention it during the show but one thing that influenced the content of this episode was the article When I Became Successful Selling Art Online by Carol Marine in Professional Artist Magazine. She discusses hangups she had about art and how she used to approach it. When she started daily paintings and blogging her work became much more fun.

Manga Studio 5 (Slightly cheaper for new users on Amazon) and Ray Frenden’s awesome $5 brushes.

I recorded this with my new Yeti from Blue Microphones. The sound is improved though it probably picked up some noise from my space heater because it’s like the coldest day of this Ohio winter.

Minecraft stuff mentioned: MultiMC, Minecraft Forge, Technic Launcher, Rei’s Minimap, Inventory Tweaks

I mentioned a couple older mods that became abandoned as updates went by.

Builders Mod




As long as I’m being nostalgic for old mods, I’ll mention one I forgot on the podcast – JurassiCraft