NoRights Podcast: Episode Three – Live Show with Shannon Saar

  • On December 5, 2010 ·
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In an attempt to get back into podcasting after a bit of a gap I decided to hold a live show on Tinychat. Yes, I know there’s places like Talkshoe and Blog Talk Radio but I wanted the easiest way for people to come in and join the show. Excusing a few technical hiccups it was a fun time and I look forward to trying it again. This episode I talk to Shannon Saar of Wighthouse. A few of our friends popped into the chatroom for awhile so you can hear us addressing them. I enjoyed discussing where the latest webcartoonist Mecca is. (It used to be Portland though now it appears to be New York for some reason. I still like the idea of starting a community in Michigan similar to the Powerhouse Project) We also show some love for Bad Movies About Raptors and horrible cinema in general.