Moving Forward

  • On November 28, 2012 ·
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Today I’d like to talk about projects – specifically the ones I have ahead of me right now and my plans for getting them done.

Where are the comics?

You’ve no doubt noticed the comics aren’t working on any of the archives. Webcomic, the plugin that powers the comics, recently upgraded from version 3 to 4. Changes were made to the way comics are stored and formatted. There was an upgrade tool that was supposed to convert things over but it ran into some errors. I’ve alerted Mike, the developer of Webcomic, and he’s been looking into the problem. I’ve been holding off on posting about it in the hopes that there’d be a quick fix. Also I’ve been growing increasingly frustrated with the sites and considered hiring somebody to revamp them for me. The network is something of a Frankenstein’s monster, structural changes made without much planning into how they’d impact things down the road, features added by various plugins, all piling on top of revisions of previous versions over the years. I’ve considered hiring somebody to clean it all up for me, something I may still do down the road, but right now I think I want to be the one to straighten it out.

What’s the plan?

I have one more art project I need to get out of the way before I dive whole hog into rebuilding and testing the sites. The goal is to get that done by December so I can devote that entire month to the sites. I have plans for January and onwards but those are still reliant on outside factors.