Knowing When To Put Things Away

  • On October 20, 2010 ·
  • By ·

I think a healthy part of being a creative person is being able to indulge your urges for awhile when they come up. For me I recently dedicated October to working on a short film. I dove into researching camera types, lenses, lighting, effects packages, royalty free solutions for things, and I have to say I learned a decent amount and earmarked things for later. However, I gave myself a deadline to have it completed by Halloween. I’ve come to realize my limitations: I’m a one man crew, I don’t have much of a budget right now to sink into things, and I don’t have a location to film in of an adequate size. Are these things going to stop me from eventually finishing this project? In the long run no but for now it’s probably best to put things away until I’m able to make better use of them.

Was all this time a waste? I don’t think so. I figured out the scope of the project, what I need to accomplish in order to finish it to my standards, and the stuff I looked up can help me in other projects. Right now I’ve just decided it’s best to put it aside and focus on other things for awhile. Much like I put 2071 down for the month to dive into something else. I indulged myself for a period of time. I’m coming up from it now because it feels like it’s run it’s course for the time being. It’s important to be able to recognize that.