Found this interview with @Plymptoons yesterday

  • On April 8, 2012 ·
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I like this interview with Bill Plympton for a number of reasons

1. You learn a bit about his personal path to what he does today. Nobody likes to talk about how they noodled around for a few years before getting to what makes them happy but it’s really relatable knowing there’s a journey involved. Creative life can be a series of stops and starts. It’s encouraging to hear people talk about getting over setbacks.

2. He talks about how he works and discusses who he has on staff. I know I could personally geek out over the details of his studio setup but it’s good to hear how an average day goes by. What he does while shading, how he unwinds by drawing, little things that are interesting to hear about.

3. It’s clear he loves what he does. My favorite interviews are the kind that are both informative and encouraging. This is the kind of chat you can listen to while you’re working and feel reminded of how awesome it is to be in the studio.